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MAKE MORE MONEY – Enclose your outdoor dining and bar patio areas! Patio Enhancement Group provides Infrared Patio Heaters, Motorized Louvered Roofs, and Patio Wind Management Systems to extend your outdoor patio “alfresco” season!

Patio Enhancement Group is a full service design/build company. We specialize in providing season extension enclosures for the Restaurant, Bar and Hospitality industries. Our outdoor patio products include infrared heaters, louvered roof systems and “wind-sun-shade” management drops/curtains. We provide engineered design, city permits, custom layout, complete installation and maintenance service.

Whether it’s your residential patio or commercial outdoor dining area, we will work with you to design a project that will meet your business needs and goals.


Our outdoor products can be used where people gather outside . . . bar & restaurant patios, pergola patios, sidewalk cafes, outdoor tent events, valet waiting areas, night club line-ups, outdoor sporting facilities, country clubs, driving ranges, patios and decks . . . improve your outdoor experience with a Patio Enhancement Group Design.

Patios with pergolas and motorized louvered roofs are great additions to your business for both value and enjoyment. Yet, it is disappointing when scorching heat, bright sunlight or inclement weather restricts the use of your outdoor areas. While temporary canvas covers and retractable awnings may provide some relief, these are often difficult to maintain, do not provide overhead ventilation, and do not hold up for the long term. A roof system will last longer and add real value to your business.

Do you want to use your patio longer in the year? Do you want to increase the revenue from your restaurant or bar?  Infrared Outdoor Heating, a Motorized Patio Roof and Wind Management-Drops/Curtains by Patio Enhancement Group are an IDEAL solution!

Contact us for a free consultation and we will answer your questions about outdoor patio heating, outdoor roofing options and wind management systems.

We Provide:

Patio Enhancement Group does it all. From covered roof patio ideas to outdoor patio heating systems, our experienced engineering design professionals and our commitment to quality construction and craftsmanship take the stress out of planning your new outdoor enclosure.

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