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Propane State of Emergency


The recent shortage of the country’s Propane supply and the ever-rising cost of the fuel have made the Natural Gas Industry an even better energy source alternative. To those restaurants and bars that use Propane “Mushroom” Heaters, you are likely filling your tanks to keep up with the cold temperatures AND it is costing you more to do so.  The other reality is that you may not even be able to find any available Propane because what supplies remain are being directed to home heating suppliers.

The real cost that many Food and Bar Industry users of Propane “Mushroom” Heaters do not quantify are the safety concerns and the liabilities that are ever present, the floor space the heaters take up that could be used for more tables, the fact that their design does not provide adequate coverage, and the cost to retrieve and change out the Propane tanks.

With the growing demand of outdoor dining, serious consideration should be given to replacing Propane as a fuel source for your Outdoor Heating.  Because of the abundance of Natural Gas, the cost savings alone will typically pay for the Natural Gas System in one to three years, and that time is reducing because of the cost increases in Propane.  Utilizing an overhead mounted heating system will provide a balanced, efficient, comfortable, unobstructed and safe alternative — not to mention an INCREASE IN REVENUE!!!

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