FAQ – Motorized Louvered Patio Roofs

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How is a Motorized Louvered Roof Configured?

It is designed by our experts to custom fit your patio.

How long does the Louvered Roof System last?

The louvered roof systems are made of extruded aluminum, they are anodized and powder coated. Because they will not rust, they will maintain their structural integrity for decades.

What are the cost benefits of a Louvered Roof System vs. a Fabric Awning?

Louvered Roofs can be more expensive initially, depending on the area covered. Your typical Fabric Awning will last five to ten years as opposed to an Aluminum Louvered Roof System which will maintain its installed integrity for decades.

Can you custom order exterior colors?

Yes, colors that are not stock can be ordered for an additional cost.

How long does it take to install a typical Louvered Roof?

A five hundred square foot Louvered Roof System takes one to two days to install with a three person crew.

Can you attach lights, fans, heaters, and other fixtures to the Louvered Roof System?

Yes, the Louvered Roof System is designed to accommodate additional fixtures and to provide aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space.

Do you offer design and engineering capabilities in order to get approvals from various city, county, and state municipalities?

Yes, most of our projects require some approvals from different agencies.  We can provide stamped engineered drawings for Mechanical, Electrical, Structural, and Architectural.  In addition, we provide services to acquire necessary permits for our clients.


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