FAQ – Patio Wind Management

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How do you attach to an existing structure and how do you access the space?

Curtains/Drops can be attached to any surface or structure in a fixed position utilizing hardware to allow for opening and closing.

Can you incorporate doors in a Wind Management System?

Insulated patio doors are often used in conjunction with the Curtains/Drops. We utilize aluminum framework to attach the door to the curtains/drops.

How much windowed area can be part of the Curtains/Drops panel?

We advise no more than 65% of the area of the Curtains/Drops to be windowed.

How clear are the window clear panels of the Curtains/Drops?

Technological improvements in the polymers used to manufacture the product have made the clear window much cleaner and less likely to yellow and fog.

Are the fabrics F.R. (Fire Rated) and do they repel water and moisture?

Our fabrics are all Fire Rated and repel moisture.

Can you pressure wash the Patio Wind Curtains/Drops?

Pressure washing is an effective way to clean our Curtains/Drops ensuring new-like appearances for years.


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