Infrared Outdoor Heating Systems Features Include

Low Clearance to Combustibles

Can be safely installed in locations with awnings, pergolas or tents.

Slim, Narrow Dimensions

Our systems can be installed in narrow and low overhead clearance locations – suitable  for long, narrow street-side patio locations.

Overhead Design

No floor space is lost as units hang from overhead structures. Units can also mount to exterior walls at an angle.

Q-Mod®  Modulating Control  

Modulating control provides the level of heat output that ensures the comfort of your outdoor guests.

Can Accomodate Any Area

Systems are designed to meet the exact requirements of our client’s individual needs.

Local or Remote Control

Our Outdoor heating systems can be operated from indoors or outdoors.

Low Maintenance

No filters or other parts to regularly replace.

Economical to Operate

Our systems heat more area with less fuel compared to alternative style patio heaters all while using low cost natural gas.

Heavy Duty Construction

High quality materials and workmanship ensures years of trouble free operation.

Refined Comfort

Our systems produce no noise or ominous “glow” seen with alternative electric systems.



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