Patio Improvement – Before and After

reefpoint whole bldg3sm

The Reefpoint Brewhouse Restaurant and Pub Patio overlooks the Racine, WI Marina with a picturesque view

The Patio’s use was limited in the summer, by the heat of direct sunlight, and inclement weather such as rain and the wind that is inevitably present in a marina, and in the winter, by the cold, snow and wind. Customers could only be comfortably seated in certain times.

Awning Sun extended the patio’s use by installing a motorized louvered roof, wind curtains and infrared heaters.


Below are pictures from before and after completion of the project.

Bar -looking east smbar picture before


These are before and after project completion pictures of the bar area.

The doorway is positioned where the sign was in the before picture.

This allows the area to be locked, providing security. The wind curtains to the right of the doorway are closed.




Center-Looking westsmBefore Center-Looking West1




This is essentially the same view before and after the project was completed.
The patrons are shielded from the noon sun and obviously enjoying themselves.





Side view before sm

Final side view1


The side view from the outside.

The sun was so bright in the before picture that the sign could not be read.

The final product provides a usable environment. The view of this door and wind curtains from the inside is above. (the bar picture).




entertainment area before sm

entertainment area sm


The entertainment area was not usable much of the time. Note the antiquated “umbrella heaters” that didn’t work well and were unwieldy compared to the infrared heaters in the picture to the right.






reefpoint building before sm

reefpoint building final sm




The Distance Profile of the
Building is almost unchanged but the use is enhanced tremendously.


These patio improvements could only be described as spectacular!


The use of the patio was extended for the owner by providing additional comfort for the customers regardless of the weather. 




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