About PEG

Patio Enhancement Group is the recognized leader in providing products and services that will extend your “Alfresco” dining seasons, and the ONLY company that offers complete “turn key” installation and design. For many it’s simply a matter of economics; with real estate prices ever increasing, making the most out of your available space is what discerning and successful restaurateurs are doing. Outdoor patio spaces can greatly increase your seating capacity. By utilizing Patio Enhancement Group’s products and services, you will have the capability to negate harsh weather conditions that would shut your outdoor dining area’s down. heating an outdoor bar

Patio Enhancement Group provides Motorized Louvered Roof’s that are solar powered, allows for overhead ventilation, and will give the operator the control of sunlight their patrons request. A rainy day will be transformed from a patio rain out, to the calming ambiance of the sound of raindrops being deflected by the patio roof and into the gutter system.

When the temperatures go down, Patio Enhancement Group has an Infrared Heat System that will be designed to efficiently provide balanced warmth to any outdoor patio application. Our heating system allows for modulation (regulate output) and zoning which provides the operator the ability to determine the amount of outdoor heating capacity needed at their discretion.

For our clients that wish to go year round or combat high winds with their “Alfresco” service area, we provide Wind Management – Drops/Curtains to completely or partially protect their patio patrons from the windy and colder temperatures. The drops/curtains are installed on tracks and fastened to columns and recessed floor anchors for quick opening and closing.