There are many factors involved in the design, selection, and pricing of an outdoor heating system. The simple reason for this is that every outdoor environment is unique both in size and in the amount of wind protection it provides. Also a factor is the way you intend to use your patio. Answering a few simple questions can give us the information we need to promptly provide the pricing information you’re looking for.

There are several factors involved in determining an operating cost for your patio heating system. Most important is fuel type (natural gas, propane, electric) and the length of time you choose to operate your system throughout the year. Natural gas is by far the most desired fuel and will produce the lowest operating cost. We have computer programs that can calculate and compare the operating costs of any of the fuel/system types to give you an accurate estimate of your operating cost based on your desired usage.

Although circumstances vary greatly, our experience has shown that our systems can typically be paid for (with increased patio revenues) in one or two seasons or in less than one year. Our RevCalc® computer program can assist you in determining your increased revenue potential and payback time according to your particular circumstances.

Being rated for outdoor use, our systems can handle the elements and still provide reliable service for 10-15 years.

Yes, once installed, our systems remain outdoors permanently. The weatherproof stainless steel/aluminum construction allows them to be rated for outdoor installation and provide reliable service for the next 10-15 years.