Exterior Restaurant Lighting


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Don't be left in the dark!

Lighting is the single greatest mood enhancer you can bring to your establishment, and it can have an extremely large impact on the success of a restaurant, hotel, or entertaining venue. Lighting is of course more than just mood, it has to be functional as well. There's no sense in creating a relaxing and exciting outdoor patio if your guests have trouble reading the menu. We understand the balance of form and function, and can design and install the perfect balance of the two.

cylinder wall sconcein ground up light


Designing the lighting layout while designing the patio structure is key.

Even though lighting can be added any time, you will get the cleanest and most efficient layout if you have your lighting designed together with your enclosure. Designing and constructing the patio enclosure together with the lighting will allow for the necessary wire runs and chases to be created ensuring your overall design is as clean as possible. Additionally, the structure itself can be designed and configured with specific lighting requirements in mind, like highlighted seating areas, bars, buffets, or service positions.


Tommy Bahama Fashion Valley rendering
louvered patio lighting

It's all about the grid. 

Unlike a traditional build-out with a complete ceiling, when creating a louvered roof enclosure the lighting is mounted to beams, either structural or floating. This requires a lighting scheme that fits within the "grid" of cross beams so the more you plan ahead of time, the more opportunities you will have to dial in your exact lighting requirements.



Are you in the mood for mood?

 A popular way of creating mood lighting AND highlighting the louvered roof enclosure is to incorporate rope lighting within the gutter system. To provide proper water dispersion, each section of roof, what we call bays, is surrounded on its perimeter with a gutter that perfectly resembles the structural beams. Installing low voltage waterproof rope lighting into the gutter will produce a lighting glow around the perimeter of each bay and will make the enclosure truly come alive at night. Dimmable and available in a variety of colors, including color changing, the lights are all controlled by a remote control that gives you the opportunity to set the proper lighting for your next event.

louvered roof integrated gutter system
This example easily shows the relationship of the gutters to the beams with a dual color design..