Infrared Heater Construction


The Burner Box

Stainless Steel Burner Box with Quick Release Panel ClipsThe Burner box houses the controls of the Modulating Infrared Heating Unit. It is a Stainless Steel Burner Box with Quick Release Panel Clips making access easy and convenient for service. The design of this stainless steel enclosure provides protection for the controls to minimize exposure to dirt and moisture ever present from the outdoor heating environment.

The flat burner box design contributes to an efficient and unobtrusive outdoor heater layout for your restaurant or bar heating area.

Burner Box Internal Components

Burner Box-Internal Components really set our heaters apart from the competition.

The complex internal components enable Awning-Sun’s units to function efficiently and with much more control than other units, especially electric or propane.


The Emitter Tube and Reflector

infrared emitter tube The emiiter tube is what transports the heat from the burner box down the length of the unit, at times reaching as much as 700º F. This emiiter tube then works inconjunction with the reflector assembly to discharge the infrared heat, and focus it towards the seating area.

Infrared Heater Venting

There is a misconception that all heaters can be vented.. this is not true. There are many heaters on the market that can not be vented which may be fine for an open patio... but what about when you decide to enclose your patio? What happens is that you are forced to purchase new heaters that can be vented so as not to encapsulate the exhaust gases from the heater. If you are even remotely thinking of enclosing your patio in the future, you are wise to install a heater that can be vented. Should phase two of your build find you enclosing the area, your vent-able heater can easily have its exhaust piped out of the structure to ensure code compliance and make for a safe environment.  infrared heater venting

Infrared Outdoor Heater Modulator

Q MOD Modulating Control Panel

Unique to our systems is the use of Q-Mod modulating control.

This control provides fuel efficient outdoor heating operation with fully automatic OR manual control of burner modulation to adjust to outdoor heating conditions. 

This provides efficient and optimum combustion throughout full range of burner inputs ensured by pre-programmed burner controls that adjust both fuel and air.