Infrared Heating - What Is It

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Infrared heaters use a type of electromagnetic radiation to generate heat on surfaces. This radiation has a wavelength anywhere in the range of .75 micrometers to 1000 micrometers, which is between visible red light and the shortest microwaves. Unlike a typical heater, infrared heaters mainly heat the surface that is struck by the radiation, not the air around them. The surface may then radiate heat into the surrounding air, but any additional heated air generated will be warmed by the heated surface, not the heater.

Infrared heaters have unique residential and commercial applications.

Although Patio Enhancement Group ® specializes in outdoor heating systems because they are so much better than other types of heating systems, there are also many other uses. In homes, propane fueled infrared heaters can provide a highly economical solution for non-sleeping rooms. Because these heaters do not need to heat an entire room to heat a single person, they economize the energy spent by only heating the surface or individual. Infrared heaters are also used in certain incubation systems, often in direct heat carbon dioxide incubators. In other commercial uses, infrared heaters find use in low temperature environments with high airflow, such as outdoor winter mining. Because wind and gusting air do not affect the performance of these heaters, they can provide warmth for workers where traditional heating systems would fail. In large warehouse areas, infrared heaters provide the only viable solution to heating concerns.



Wind and gusting air do not effect the performance of an infrared heater.

Both portable and permanent infrared heaters are available. Typical materials used in heater design are aluminum alloys, quartz tubes (for the heating element), and various ceramics. The devices normally run on electricity or gas, often propane in outdoor and home systems. Important attributes to consider about an infrared heating unit are its total wattage, the maximum and average surface temperatures generated by the device, and its size, range and BTU per hour. Patio Enhancement Group ® designs the systems it sells and installs because users should also consider whether they require automatic shutoffs or other timing/ temperature monitoring devices for their heater or heating system.

Patio Enhancement Group ® specializes in natural gas outdoor heaters. These are especially suited for patios as found in restaurants, bars, country clubs, hotels, private homes, and condominiums. We specialize in these because they are economical and safe to operate.