Infrared Outdoor Heaters

There simply is no better solution for heating your outdoor venue than Infra-Red Heat.

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Variable input burner: Variable input design provides the right level of heat output for each location.
Four lengths to choose from: 5, 10, 15 & 20 foot lengths are available. Multiple units can be grouped together to achieve any length required.
Certified for outdoor & indoor applications: Units are design certified to operate in outdoor environments, which include wind, rain, snow and temperatures as low as -40F. For indoor applications, the units can be safely vented through the wall or roof.
Easy-light ignition system: No pilot lights to ignite by hand, no valves to turn, no thermocouples to replace. By using a reliable, 3-Try, direct spark, electronic, 100% safety shut off, ignition system, units safely and consistently operate in all types of weather with the flick of a switch.
Local or remote control:  Heaters can be operated remotely, or controls can be located on the units.
Heavy duty construction: High quality materials and workmanship eliminates metal fatigue and reflector warp or separation. Stainless Steel options are available.
Natural gas or propane: Units available for use with either fuel.