Outdoor Heaters for Bars

The use of energy efficient Infrared heating has allowed bars to increase their business in an area that would normally remain empty for most of the year.

outdoor bar heater

Heating outdoor areas means that existing facilities can be maximized and profits boosted.

In addition, the  smoking laws in many cities mean that smoking is not permitted in indoor areas. The new heated area in specified outdoor areas  of bars caters for those customers who wish to smoke. Many bar owners tell me that they don’t want their patrons outside, but want them inside both to spend money and to lessen outdoor noise for neighbors. Providing outdoor heat can help by encouraging smokers to go to a certain outdoor area, thereby channeling noise that will exist anyway.

Patio heaters produce heat one of two ways. They either burn a fuel like propane or natural gas, or they heat an element using electricity. This heat source is then amplified through special heat directing materials so that it warms a specific area. Unlike a space heater that contains a fan, patio heaters warm the area around them by using radiant heat, the same heat that the sun produces, but without the harmful ultra-violet rays.

Infrared Patio Heater Under Awning Angle MountEvery object produces radiant heat. Night vision technology works by ‘seeing’ that heat. A fun way to see radiant heat in our environment is to go outside in the evening of a hot day. As the sun is setting reach your palm out over the ground. Then turn you palm up towards the sky. Slowly flip your hand between the two positions. You will feel the radiant heat produced by the earth. Patio heaters are designed to produce a high quantity of radiant heat. This method of heating is much more efficient for a bar than blowing hot air into an outdoor space as that air will just escape and take the precious warmth with it. Radiant heat travels through the air and heats the objects in the patio heaters range directly.

Patio Enhancement Group provides bar heating experts to look at your particular bar situation and design the most effective outdoor heating solution for you. Our outdoor bar heating help will save you money both in installing your infrared heating solution and in cost effective operation.