Professional Design & Installation of an outdoor heating system is critical to the efficient and effective function of the system.

infrared beam pattern

This image is a clear example of the proper and improper way of designing & installing an infrared heating system.

INCORRECT: The infrared beam pattern is stretched beyond its intended use and a balanced heating pattern is not achieved.

CORRECT: An additional heating unit is installed to spread the heating surface and provide a more balanced heating area at a lower operating temperature.

The burner box design has a protective stainless steel enclosure for controls to minimize exposure to dirt and moisture ever present from the outdoor heating environment.

The flat burner box design contributes to an efficient and unobtrusive outdoor heater layout for your restaurant or bar heating area.

 Infrared Burner Box All Stainless Construction

Proper infrared outdoor heating installation can help conserve fuel and add more heat to an outdoor patio restaurant area or bar patio.

The complex internal components enable Awning-Sun’s units to function efficiently and with much more control than other units, especially electric or propane.  Burner Box Internal Components