Restaurant Patio Outdoor Seating

Have you ever considered enhancing your outdoor seating area to attract more customers at minimal costs?

Don’t let the weather get in the way of your customer’s comfort for an evening or late fall outdoor dining experience, With today’s modern gas-fired infrared patio heaters it can be an easy, quick and economical way to improve the bottom line! outdoor infrared heaters mounted above sidewalk cafe

Outdoor infrared heaters provide welcoming warmth on chilly mornings and dramatically extend your evening outdoor hours with their comforting and efficient outdoor heat. Not to mention the cooler fringe seasons of northern climates, where without these patio heating units, outdoor dining would be nearly impossible.

Create a warm, comfortable smoking area, increase your outdoor dining season by 70 percent, and look great doing it! Patio Enhancement Group is in the business of heating outdoor dining and smoking areas… allowing you to serve more customers and increase profits! Upscale residential patios and restaurant establishments provide the perfect setting for an alfresco dining experience.




infrared patio heating mounted under covered pergolaEvery restaurateur has a sharp eye on maximizing seating and table arrangements to accommodate as many paying customers as possible. Many restaurants, pubs, and other similar enterprises now have patios catering to patrons who prefer to sit outdoors in the fresh air—but of course if that air is too cold, precious business can be lost.

Many have been stuck with the traditional approach of the old mushroom-style heaters to warm their patios and have encountered numerous problems. They take up space where paying customers could otherwise be seated, and are themselves fraught with problems: they often fail (usually when the establishment is full of customers), require substantial clearance to combustible materials, and frequently need to be replaced. Some areas of the country no longer allow mushroom outdoor heaters in commercial environments because of safety concerns.