Outdoor Patio Systems Pricing

Unlike the many “warehouse” websites that just want to sell you any kind of outdoor heating equipment, we pride ourselves in doing the right thing for our customers by listening closely to what their real needs are and responding without under or over selling. A little information from you goes a long way in making this happen.

Remember that you may want us to do more than just sell you heating equipment. . . like consultation, engineering, layout drawings, construction management, and perhaps even complete installation.

Give us a call or send an email – you’ll promptly get a call back, not from a salesperson, but from a principal of the company.  It won’t take long and it will be time well spent to get the right pricing information for you.

When you call, we’ll want to talk about:

  • The basic goals you have for usage of your patio
  • The lowest outdoor temperature at which you wish to operate your patio
  • The size of the patio (length by width)
  • The number of serving tables and their general location on the patio
  • Overhead coverage of your patio like awnings, pergolas, tents tops, etc., if any
  • Side coverage of your patio like adjacent buildings, awning drops, etc., if any