The Services We Offer Include:


Our outdoor heating/ roofing engineers and experts can provide real world information, and counsel you on the design requirements for your outdoor environment either before the area is built, or on a retrofit basis. Even if you are not immediately ready for the inclusion of infrared heat and/ or retractable side walls, planning in advance with these in mind can save significant costs when you decide to move forward with phase two of your project.


Our engineering group will use it’s in depth knowledge and experience with outdoor heating systems, and louvered roofs to come up with a system that is best suited to your outdoor environment. We consider all factors including geographic location, patio size and usage, fuel type available, outdoor temperature thresholds, infrared beam paths, and management of the wind. Our knowledge of awnings, pergolas, tents, flaps, and the wind protection they provide are all taken into consideration.

Should a motorized louvered roof be purchased, a full set of stamped engineered drawings will be provided as part of the submittal packet.

Design & Layout

The result of our in-depth engineering is a design and layout that is optimized for your unique outdoor environment and type of business. Table layouts, guest locations, traffic flow, sun positioning, surrounding hard structures, these are all considered to ensure the comfort of your guests and the smooth functioning of your staff. Just as important as providing the right amount of BTU's for those cooler times, a properly designed venting roof and air management system during the warmer months when can reduce the air temperature by as much as twenty degrees.

As part of our design packet, we provide 3D renderings to ensure the proper aesthetic goals are achieved, along with CAD layout drawings, to our own installation crews or yours, to insure the installation is completed as intended.


We offer complete installation services by our own expert crews, or through one of our authorized network partners across the USA. This includes mechanical installation of the equipment, natural or propane gas piping, and all required electrical work. And it’s all done by certified technicians for the highest quality installation.

Project Management

Some customers may want rely on their own mechanical and electrical contractors for their installation needs. That’s fine by us. We can provide onsite project management to supervise and assist your contractors in all phases of the installation and the start-up and commissioning of the system. This places our knowledge and experience in the hands of your contractors to help insure the job is done right the first time.

Service and Maintenance

The project may be complete but our work is not done. All of our projects come with a one year parts and labor warranty to insure the systems work as intended and to your satisfaction. Beyond that, we offer prompt on-call repair and maintenance services, in addition to annual preventative maintenance contracts (PMA), to keep your system running safely and efficiently for years to come